Natural Mined or Lab Grown Diamond?


The diamond industry has seen some monumental leaps over the last decade that has been further accelerated by new technologies which has now made lab-grown diamonds an attractive alternative compared to the likes of natural mined diamonds. 


Lab Grown Diamonds

About Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are diamonds. They are created in a laboratory and are grown to mimic the way natural diamonds are created below the earth's surface. This process involves a natural diamond carbon seed being exposed to an intense amount of heat and pressure, which then allows the carbon seed to grow larger and eventually form into a rough diamond. Being laboratory made, lab grown diamonds are not extracted through heavy mining operations and are considered conflict free.

  • They are physically the same as mined natural diamonds with the same optical and chemical characteristics.
  • Lab grown diamonds are formed of pure carbon – the same mineral Earth mined, natural diamonds are made of.
  • They are graded according to the same 4C’s of natural diamonds.
  • Depending on the market price, our lab grown diamonds are generally about 50%-60% cheaper than a mined natural diamond.
  • All our lab grown diamonds come complete with an IGI diamond certification and each individual diamond is laser inscribed with the certificate number correlating to that stone.


 About Natural Mined Diamonds 

Natural diamonds are formed deep in the earth over millions, if not billions of years. Natural events such as volcanic eruptions bought them closer to the surface allowing mining companies to extract diamond in rough form.

Natural diamonds are:

  • Physically, visually and chemically the exact same as lab grown diamonds.
  • Depending on the market price, our natural diamonds are about 50% - 60% more expensive than lab grown diamonds.
  • Our natural mined diamonds come with GIA certification and laser inscription (we may provide further diamond options that have been graded by other certifiers, but they all conform to the same ‘4C’s’ of diamonds. Each individual stone will come with laser inscription and a certificate to match).


Should I buy Lab Grown or Natural Mined Diamond? 

Lab DiamondLab Grown Diamond

Natural DiamondNatural Diamond


With natural mined or lab grown diamonds being the same chemically and physically, the decision for the customer essentially comes down to what best suits their individual preferences and requirements. As you can see above, these 2 stones are almost indifferentiable

If you are looking for a budget friendly diamond, one that has not been mined and sparkles just the same as a natural mined diamond, then a lab grown diamond is a great option. Why not choose a diamond that is potentially bigger, whiter and brighter, and best of all, a fraction of the price compared to its natural counterpart?!

If having a natural diamond is important and you feel a natural diamond is better suited to you or think it may maintain or increase its value over time, then a natural diamond might be a good option to explore.

Both lab grown, and natural mined diamonds have their own special sentimental characteristics and it essentially comes down to one’s personal preference.
Lab grown or mined natural diamonds are both beautiful in their own ways and represent the ultimate symbol of love.

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