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The Ethical Choice

As a jewellery business, we take great pride in not only being the preferred destination for the finest diamonds, gemstones and bespoke rings, but also in strengthening our commitment to the highest ethical standards.

We have secured several partnerships with leading organisations and gold suppliers to ensure that we can confidently demonstrate our committment to ethical best practice.

Our mission to be a force for good and our commitment to the highest ethical standards is uncompromising. See what steps we are taking to make a positive difference.

What we stand for


We offer lab grown diamonds as an alternative to mined natural diamonds and now also offer sustainably rated lab grown diamonds which provides a 3rd party verification for ethical and environmental standards. In addition the gold used in our engagement and weddings rings is used using refined using ethically recylced gold with our gold metal supplier being accredited by the responsible jewellery council.


Wepartner with leading diamond traceability provider Everledger to provide responsibly sourced & traceable diamonds. We are one of the first jewellery businesses that now provide verified, authentic and traceability information on diamonds through the means of blockhain technology. Learn about Blockchain and Diamond Provenance.


We strongly believe in offering a transparent experience for our customers that is why we publish transparent pricing on all our diamonds, engagement rings and wedding rings. We believe our customers should be informed so they can do their own research to find out what is best for them before entering our showrooms.

Giving Back

We are a proud supporter of Rainforest Rescue which we are a proud supporter by donating towards initiatives that help protect and restore rainforests that are so vital to preserving the beauty, bio diversity and the stability of our climate through the critical role of CO2 absorbtion. Read more about Rainforest Rescue and how they are restoring old growth rainforests in our most threatened regions.

"In everyday there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact."

Les Brown