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If there is one extraordinary development that has occurred within the diamond industry in recent years, it surely must be the stunning rise of gem quality lab grown diamonds as an alternative to mined natural diamonds. To bring you up to speed, we have pulled together some of the most common topics and questions about lab grown diamonds to help you make the best decision when looking for your next diamond ring.

The rising demand for lab grown diamonds

There are several reasons why demand for lab grown diamonds is rapidly growing. Factors such as better purchase price as well ethical considerations make lab grown diamonds an attractive alternative. Multiple consumer survey’s about customer intentions show that millennials (the target age group for diamond engagement rings) are increasingly becoming educated about lab-grown diamonds and see the merit of purchasing a lab grown diamond ring or jewellery piece above that of mined natural diamond jewellery.

How lab grown diamonds are made?

Lab grown diamonds are grown using two methods - HPHT and CVD.

HPHT involves placing a diamond seed crystal in a purpose built press or growth chamber where extreme heat and pressure is applied. This then allows carbon atoms to precipitate on the diamond seed crystal and enables the lab grown diamond to grow. Once grown to a required size it will then be cut and polished.

The second method is CVD which involves a diamond seed crystal being placed in a diamond growth chamber where it is filled with carbon containing gas. The chamber is then placed under extreme heat causing carbon to precipitate and deposit on the diamond seed crystal slowly forming the diamond. Once grown to a required size it is then cut and polished.

Visual differences in lab grown and natural mined diamonds

The primary difference between natural and lab grown diamonds is how they are produced. Natural diamonds are mined under the earth's surface and have formed over billions of years, while lab grown diamonds are man made above ground (without need for any mining activities). To the naked eye there is no visual difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds. They sparkle and optically look exactly the same. Lab grown diamonds can be distinguished from natural mined diamonds with use of specialised equipment to test them.

Are your lab grown diamonds fully certified?

Yes absolutely, all our lab grown diamonds above 0.5ct are certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). IGI and GIA are highly respected and experienced diamond grading laboratories which is why each lab grown diamond above 0.5ct purchased through us comes with a detailed IGI or GIA diamond certificate.

Are lab grown diamonds less expensive then natural mined diamonds?

Yes lab grown diamonds cost less than mined natural diamonds and offer excellent value when compared to mined diamonds across the 4Cs (carat, colour, clarity and cut). All our lab grown diamonds can be transparently viewed through our lab diamond where customers can view 360 degree high definition videos of each of our diamonds along with detailed diamond grading certificates.

Why purchase a lab grown diamond from KAVALRI?

We proudly have one of the largest lab grown diamond databases in Austraila that have been pre-screened for quality, ensuring we will have the perfect lab grown diamond for almost any style and budget requirement.

Providing unrivalled choice we stock both local and internationally stocked IGI and GIA graded lab grown diamonds as well as sustainability rated lab grown diamonds (under certification SCS-007) that are all easily viewed via our diamond portal.

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