The Ultimate Ring Metal Comparison Guide


With an unsurpassed collection of wedding rings it is clear why we are quickly becoming Australia's leading wedding ring destination for both men and women. With so much choice your main challenge will be to narrow it down to your favourite.

That is why we have created this ring metals guide, providing an insightful overview of the general characteristics of all the ring metals we offer. We hope this guide provides you with some useful information and showcases our unrivaled range in terms of styles and metals, which goes far beyond any jewellery store offering! 


Wedding Rings

Read more about the different metal options that we offer, understand each of the metals characteristics and find the metal choice that will best suit you as a wedding ring.


GOLD RINGS (9, 14, 18 carat)

Revered for thousands of years Gold sill remains a very popular choice for a wedding or engagement band. The Kavalri range features yellow, white and rose gold, with either 9, 14 or 18 carats. 18 carat gold is 75% pure gold, 14 carat gold is 58% of pure, while 9 carats is 37.5% pure. We take our gold rings seriously and offer some of Australia's best gold ring designs across classic, patterned, two-tone and diamonds set rings. No matter which Gold ring catches your eye; you’ll be making a dignified style statement.


Platinum Rings (950 and 600)

The KAVALRI Platinum ring range includes both 950 (95% pure) and 600 (60% pure). Platinum is the second strongest precious metal in existence. It is highly scratch resistant and hypoallergenic. It’s a rare, special metal which places it in a higher price range but, if you’re seeking a premium wedding ring, Platinum is a great choice of wedding ring for those that want a precious and durable metal that is much harder than gold and will scratch less easily. 


 Palladium Rings (950 and 500)

Palladium is an exceptional choice in wedding ring and like Platinum it is a very hard wearing and durable metal. Palladium has a lustrous silvery-white finish similar to platinum but has a less heavy feel to it. Our Palladium rings are come in palladium 950 (95% pure Palladium) and Palladium 500 (50% pure Palladium). If you are after a wedding ring with a high level of scratch resistance then Palladium is a great option. 


Tantalum Rings

As a rare earth metal Tantalum is an exceptional metal choice that is fast becoming a popular wedding ring option due to its fantastic metal characteristics. Extremely durable, tantalum is unique bluish grey metal that gives its that distinctive look compared to other metals. Tantalum is the most precious of all alternative & contemporary metals making it the ultimate choice for those looking for a rugged, strong and masculine looking ring. This cutting edge metal is a balance of style, strength and durability.


Black Zirconium Rings

Black Zirconium is a stunning, dark metal that is highly cost-effective. A classic Black Zirconium ring is one of our most affordable and stylish choices. It’s super durable, hypoallergenic and only a medium weight. Zirconium starts its life as a silver metal but during the heating process it oxidises and turns black. This allows us to create two-tone rings by cutting into the metal to reveal the silver underneath. If you’d like a more exclusive ring, we also have a range of Black Zirconium and Gold styles. It’s a modern ring choice for the daring, contemporary man.


Tungsten Rings

Tungsten is one of the most versatile materials in the Kavalri range. Your ring may feature black, silver, gold, rose gold, metallic blue or even wood. With so many styles available at a wide range of price points; Tungsten is a hardy, low maintenance yet still distinguished ring. Other benefits of Tungsten are that it’s hypoallergenic, incredibly strong and scratch resistant. It is a heavy ring, compared to the other metals, but can also be made into a wide ring to suit large, masculine hands.


Titanium Rings

Titanium rings have a high strength to weight ratio; being incredibly durable but still very light and comfortable to wear. It is a hypoallergenic metal and is in a low-mid price range compared to our other styles. The Kavalri range of Titanium rings are available in classic metal, patterned and two-tone – combined with either Gold or Carbon Fibre.


Carbon Fibre Rings

Carbon Fibre is a stunning black colour that when mixed with other metals makes for a daring and bold ring choice. The KAVALRI range of Carbon Fibre rings are combined with titanium, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Carbon Fibre itself is hypoallergenic however, this characteristic may be altered by any other metals you mix it with. It is a nice lightweight, scratch resistant material which makes for an attractive, comfortable and empowering ring.


Damascus Steel Rings

This is one of the most unique materials that we use for our rings. The wavy patterns found on our Damascus Steel rings are actually a feature of the metal itself. Dating back to ancient steelmaking techniques; Damascus Steel was commonly used for making swords. It’s an amazingly strong material, low cost and a noble choice for your ring.