A Guide to Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

When searching for the perfect engagement ring, it can be tough to decide which style is right for you. After all, there are so many stunning options. Currently, yellow gold is making a comeback, catching the attention of many brides-to-be. 

Yellow gold is highly durable and long-lasting, making it an ideal choice for your engagement ring. Although yellow gold's warm lustre looks excellent in vintage settings, this classic choice pairs perfectly with many styles and designs.

Here's what you can expect from yellow gold engagement rings and why this metal option is forever a classic choice. Plus, a selection of yellow gold engagement ring designs and engagement ring styles to inspire you on your special journey. 

What Is Yellow Gold?

Gold is a naturally occurring, very soft metal. In its purest form, it bends easily, which is why the gold used in jewellery needs to be mixed with other alloy metals, like copper, silver, and zinc. Taking this step, combining gold with other alloy metals, makes yellow gold engagement rings styles more durable for everyday wear. 

Pure gold has a yellow tint, so it does not require any additional elements to achieve the classic "gold" colour.  

Since it is highly versatile, yellow gold suits all skin tones and pairs beautifully with all gemstones. From brilliant-cut diamonds to pink or yellow sapphires, there are so many possibilities. For this reason, yellow gold is an excellent choice when aiming to create a customized engagement ring. 

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

The History of Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Although yellow gold engagement rings are trending in the market, yellow gold is anything but new. 

  • The history of engagement rings dates back to Ancient Rome, when women were given rings made from bone, copper, ivory, or flint.
  • Fast forward to World War II, when engagement rings started transitioning from platinum to yellow gold. By 1942, platinum was scarce, so yellow gold bands began to emerge as the material of choice. 
  • By the late 1990s, yellow gold rings were all the craze, becoming the most traditional option. However, white gold soon took its place — but not for long. 
  • Yellow gold is becoming more popular among millennials, resulting in a yellow gold comeback. Now, this option is seen as a more vintage-inspired choice. Many are combining yellow gold with contemporary styles and designs. 

How to Take Care of a Yellow Gold Ring 

Regular cleaning at home will help you maintain the look of your yellow gold ring. However, you can get a professional cleaning done annually to ensure your ring maintains its original beauty. The key is to not overdo it while ensuring your yellow gold ring is properly cared for. If you notice any damage, do not clean your ring yourself. Bring it to a professional. 

For at-home maintenance, all you need is warm water and mild soap. A solution with 10-parts water and 2-parts soap will do the trick, removing dust, makeup, skin oils, and more. Simply soak your ring for 2-3 hours before scrubbing with a soft bristle brush, rinse, and blot with a dry cloth.

Our Top 5 Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Picks 

Choosing "the best" yellow design is near impossible simply because there are many stunning options. Whether you love the round-brilliant cut style or prefer the look of the emerald diamond ring setting, we offer a wide selection of yellow gold engagement rings. This selection means you can find the perfect engagement ring for you.

These are some of our top picks to inspire you on your engagement ring journey.

Noelle Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

This stunning Noelle Oval Diamond Engagement Ring is first on our list. The classic solitaire setting is offered in 18 ct yellow gold — you can also opt for platinum or white gold claws. This ring setting features a hidden diamond halo, which can fit an oval diamond or gemstone. It is often admired from above but is beautiful from every angle.

Alyssa Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

The Alyssa Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring Setting comes in two yellow gold options — an 18 ct yellow gold setting or 14 ct champagne yellow gold setting. This ring features side stones and a hidden diamond halo. The emerald-cut diamond fits perfectly with many styles, flaunting an elongated, rectangular shape. 

Lara Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

The breathtaking Lara Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Setting features an oval diamond, matching perfectly with a yellow gold band and setting. The ring's solitaire design emphasizes the diamond, showcasing a classic, beloved style. Although no other gemstones are included in this design, it isn't any less iconic. 

Willow Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

The Willow Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Setting is a show-stopper, available in an 18 ct gold setting or 14 ct champagne yellow gold setting. This ring features four round-sided diamonds and two marquise-sided diamonds in a classic four-claw setting. The brilliant-cut diamond or gemstone of your choosing will showcase exceptional brilliance, thanks to the cut itself.

Blair Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

If you're looking for an eye-catching engagement ring, the Blair Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Setting might be precisely what you need. This ring features side diamonds and a vintage floral-inspired diamond setting, making it the perfect alternative to traditional engagement rings. The oval-cut diamond seems larger than round stones of the same carat weight, and when you opt for an 18 ct yellow gold setting, it shines beautifully. Pair it with a simple wedding band. 

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