Lab Grown Diamond Pendants

Lab Grown Diamond Pendants


Discover our stunning and elegant collection of custom women's lab grown diamond pendants which have been carefully made to an exceptional level of craftmanship ensuring that they will be cherished for many years to come.  Our custom diamond pendants are the ideal self purchase or gift for a loved one. Featuring a curated range of beautiful designs, our pendant the perfect addition for any special occasion or event. 

We offer a stunning range of quick ship diamond jewellery pieces  if you would like it in time for a special occasion or date. Our custom made pieces take about 3 weeks to make plus shipping time so please factor this in when making your purchase.  

Why choose lab grown diamonds instead of mined diamonds? 

Lab-grown diamonds are a great ethical alternative to mined diamonds while exhibiting the exact same amount of sparkle as mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are chemically, optically and physically the exact same as mined diamonds. In addition lab grown diamonds are also guaranteed to be conflict free and do not involve any mining activities. Find out more about lab grown diamonds here