Finding your perfect

Ring size

Helpful tips and guidance to finding your correct size for our engagement and wedding rings.

Guide to your correct
Ring size

We realise that making sure your wedding ring is a perfect fit can sometimes be half the battle. Skilled in delivering a complete ring purchasing experience our professional and passionate team are here to help you determine what size ring will comfortably fit your finger. To ensure that you get the correct ring size we have put together some helpful tips and advice. Below are some tips and guidance to ensure you get your correct ring size.

  • Comfort fit means that the ring is tapered to the finger and you may require a half size smaller if you have been measured with a flat (non comfort fit) inner band.
  • If another jewellery store measures you to the leading edge (rather than the middle of the ring), then you will need to go down half a size with most of our rings.
  • Your ring size will vary depending on the width of a ring so don't forget to take this in to account.
  • If you have a photo of the
    perfect-fit ring on a ring sizing measuring stick then feel free to send it to us and we can advise you the best size to get.


To ensure that don’t get the wrong sized ring we suggest
the following options to consider before purchasing a ring.

OPtion 1

We recommend you booking a 10-minute appointment at one of our showroom locations to get professionally sized. Nothing replaces getting measured with a proper ring so you can feel how it fits on your finger. If you reside interstate or overseas then we recommend going into a local jewellery chain store to get your correct size.

Option 2

You can order a free ring sizer from
us. When using the ring sizer it is important to wear it at different times during the day to ensure you are comfortable with the size. The ring sizer should be snug, but still able to slide over the knuckle. It is best you use our ring sizer and validate at a local jewellery chain store.  

Post Purchase
Ring Sizing

In the event that you have ordered the wrong sized ring we will work with you to ensure we get the perfect sized ring made for you.

  • Engagement rings - we offer one complimentary ring resize within 1 full size (over 1 full size will be quoted based ring design complexity)
  • Diamond wedding rings re-sizes the price will vary based on complexity of the ring setting and number of diamonds.
  • Gold, tantalum, platinum, palladium mixed metal (titanium & gold etc a nominal re-size fee is approx $195.
  • For most of our titanium, plain black zirconium and carbon fibre rings this is a nominal $150 fee.