Sourcing the Finest

Rare Sapphires

The finest Sapphires from
Around the World

Our partnerships with leading direct-to-mine artisanal and international wholesale precious gem merchants enable us to source the most exceptional and rare sapphires for our valued customers.

We carefully handpick each sapphire to ensure they meet our high standards of quality, colour, clarity, vibrancy and hue.

Madagascan SapPhires

Madagascan Sapphires feature some of the most spectacular colours. Ranging from bluish green hues right through to pink, purple and orange. Madagascan Sapphires are increasingly sought after due to the exceptional colour and vibrancy.

Australian Sapphires

Australia is home to some of the most stunning Sapphires that are mined predominantly the NSW and QLD regions. With unique appearance most Australian sapphires come in shades of medium to dark blue, aswell as greenish blue.

Ceylon Sapphires

Sapphires from Sri Lanka are referred to as Ceylon Sapphires. Ceylon Sapphires are famous for their vibrant blue hues. Ceylon Sapphires are associated with royalty and are widely considered some of the world’s finest.

Montana Sapphires

As the name suggests Montana sapphires come from the state of Montana in the USA. first discovered in the 1860's Montana sapphires have unique colouring ranging from vibrant blue and green to lighter yellow and violet hues.

Your Sapphire Destination

Only the FINEST SAPphires

All our sapphires are pre-screened on their superior characteristics, and we only offer eye-clean sapphires.

Sapphires from around the world

Our sapphires are sourced from all over the world enabling us to offer one of the largest selections of rare sapphires right at your fingertips.

Expertly Crafted Sapphire Rings

You can have the confidence knowing that your stunning new sapphire will be set in an expertly crafted Kavalri ring.