Warranty & Services

Engagement & Wedding Ring Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty

At KAVALRI, we pride ourselves on the craftsmanship that goes into your bespoke diamond engagement and wedding rings.

In caring for your ring, it is important to understand appropriate wear and that precious metals, diamonds and gemstones need to be cared for. To keep your ring looking at its best, we recommend remove it when there may be exposure to direct knocks and hard impacts, harsh chemicals or excessive pressure. This can include when undertaking sport/swimming, gym, housework and gardening. These activities can cause the metal to crack or bend out of shape, loosen gemstones in their setting and weaken the metal. 

What is covered by the lifetime warranty: 

Our custom-made engagement and wedding rings come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and faults (excluding normal wear and tear) giving you piece of mind that your new purchase deserves.

This includes manufacturing defects such as metal defects including porosity and blemishes in the gold or platinum.

What the warranty doesn't cover:

Whilst we stand behind the high quality of our products it is important to keep your custom ring or jewellery piece protected against unnecessary bumps, hits and scratches that can compromise its structural integrity. 

The lifetime warranty does not cover damage due to general wear and tear or accidental knocks. Rings are made of malleable metal and will have signs of wear, so scratches, dents and other signs of wear are not covered by our warranty. Importantly, if a prong gets caught and bent out of shape (or worn down) then this can cause the stone to fall out so it's important to look after the ring and to reach out if you notice any of the diamond prongs are loose. 

To look after your diamond engagement ring, please book an annual routine inspection service for a complimentary clean and routine assessment. Inspections may help prevent the loss of a diamond or gemstone. 

Please note that maintenance, repair, resizing or other services performed by a jeweller other KAVALRI will void the manufacturing warranty.

We recommend that all diamonds and diamond jewellery are insured to give you peace of mind in the case of loss or damage caused to the diamond or gemstone.

Our Services

We offer a range of services for our jewellery to ensure your ring is always looking at its best.

Diamond Jewellery Cleaning

We provide a complimentary cleaning service to remove dirt from hard-to-reach places in your KAVALRI diamond engagement ring setting. Simply book an appointment to visit our Showrooms or contact us today to arrange for a clean. 

Rhodium Plating

White gold is plated with rhodium which can wear over time. Rhodium replating is available for a nominal fee.

Ring Resizing

We understand that finger sizes and can change and we offer one complimentary resize on diamond engagement rings within one full ring size. For ring resizes in excess of one full size, please contact us for a quotation. 

Jewellery Repairs

We offer a range of repair and maintenance services including retipping claws, resetting diamonds and more. As each ring is unique, we can quote for repairs on a case by case basis.

Insuring your precious possessions

Looking for insurance cover? Contact us today for a quotation for independent jewellery insurance cover giving you the peace of mind that your new purchase deserves.