Tips for buying the perfect engagement ring


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Buying an engagement ring is an incredibly significant milestone in ones life and with such a lot of information to learn in an often short period of time it can be a daunting task. That is why we have created a tips checklist that will help you get up to speed quickly and confidently when purchasing that perfect engagement ring for your loved one! 


Understand the 4Cs.

The 4Cs relate to the cut, clarity, colour and carat of the diamond. The 4Cs is used as a global standard that accesses the quality of both natural earth-created or lab-created diamonds. Understanding the 4Cs will enable you to then determine the diamond characteristics that are most important for you. If you would like to learn more about the 4Cs we have written a dedicated article that is also available to be read in our knowledge hub.


Understand the Diamond Shapes, Cuts and Cut Quality

There are a number of diamond shaped cuts, so being aware of them all helps in making an informed decision. Round diamonds are by far the most common choice due the way they are cut, providing a maximum amount of light to reflect which gives the diamond that high degree of sparkle. Our diamond shapes include oval, pear, cushion, marquise, asscher, princess, emerald.


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Select a metal of the band

The metal you select will further showcase the overall look of the ring. The most popular choice of metals are usually white gold or platinum as these white metals create a stunning look when paired with diamonds. Yellow and Rose Gold are the next most popular choices. Rose gold is often paired with more vintage or trilogy style rings and can also complement ones skin tone. Yellow gold often used in solitaire style rings.   


Choose your preferred setting

Diamonds set in engagement rings are held in place by what is called the setting. The setting serves to protect the diamond from damage or dislodging and to showcase the beauty and sparkle of the diamond. The most common setting include the prong, halo and bezel setting.

A prong setting is usually held up by 4-6 prongs which are thin metal strips that surround and secure the centre diamond. The prong setting applies to many rings including solitaires with and without side stones.

A halo setting consists of tiny diamonds encircling the centre stone. A halo can add more sparkle to an engagement ring and make the centre stone look larger.

The bezel setting is a lesser common setting which has a thin metal piece lodged around the diamond or gemstone to hold it in place. A bezel setting provides an excellent level of security to hold the centre stone in place.

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Decide on Sidestones    

If you are getting a solitaire engagement ring without side stones then you do not think about this step, but is you are getting a engagement ring with side diamonds then worthwhile to consider the setting and type of side stones you may want. Side stone options include channel, pave which are set along the shank of the ring. Trilogy style engagement rings may have one stone set on each side of the centre diamond.  


Find a ring that you know she will love

In the end of the day she will be wearing her engagement ring for a very long time so it is important you get an idea of her style so you can be confident that she will love it. Some tips to get a better understanding of her preferred style by observing what type of jewellery she wears (classic, modern, vintage), asking her best friend, or going shopping with her to get an idea of what styles she is drawn to.

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Set a budget

Once you have done your research as to the diamond and ring you are after set a budget that you would like to keep the ring price to. Once you have done your research you will have better idea what you will be willing to spend. In the end set aside a budget that you think is appropriate for such as significant milestone.  

 Select a Jeweller

Once you have a rough idea of the engagement ring style, diamond and budget that you have in mind, then it is a good time to look for a reputable jeweller that can create the perfect engagement ring for you.  A good way to do this is to search for a jeweller you can trust, who prices fairly and has positive customer reviews.


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