Gemstone Jewellery

Welcome to the KAVALRI women's custom-made and gemstone jewellery  collection featuring a stunning range of fine jewellery pieces that have been masterfully created to the highest levels of craftmanship. Using quality metals, stunning precious and semi-precious gemstones and brilliant diamonds our fine jewellery pieces set a premium standard in women's jewellery.  Our gemstone jewellery pieces are not only great to be worn as a casual luxury accessory, but also perfect for some of the more important occasions in your life. such as a birthdays, anniversaries or special milestone gifts. Many of our pieces are perfect as bridal jewellery for both the bride and bridesmaids. Discover our beautiful women's jewellery and find that perfect piece just for you.  All our jewellery pieces are custom made to order and take about 4 weeks to make plus postage time. 

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