Ring Guarantee Overview


Titanium, Tungsten, Black Zirconium, Damascus Steel & Mixed Metal Rings

Our custom Titanium, Black Zirconium, Tungsten and Damascus Steel rings cannot be resized so these rings will need to be re-made from scratch if a different size or style is required. If you ordered a custom ring in the incorrect size we can make it again for a $95 administration & production fee. 

If you need to resize a mixed metal ring (eg. Gold and Titanium or Gold and Zirconium) the nominal cost to remake will be between $95 - $150. 

If needed we will gladly offer to make you a replacement but please be aware that this does take another 4-5 weeks for the ring to be re-made. As such we recommend that you try to ensure your sizing is correct upon purchase.

Custom Gold, Tantalum, Palladium and Platinum Rings 

For Gold rings (and Tantalum & Gold rings), there is a $95 fee to resize the ring if the sizing is incorrect (within 1 full size). This applies for rings that need to be resized or if a change in finish is required. If the ring needs to be remade (due to being a complex / intricate style or greater than 1 full size) then we can provide you with a quotation.

For Platinum rings, there is a $150 remaking fee for rings to be remade (within 1 full size). 

If you need to resize a gold, platinum or tantalum ring greater than 1 full size then please contact us at sales@kavalri.com.au for a quotation. 

Ladies Diamond Wedding Rings (excluding Engagement Rings)

Due to the complexity and re setting requirement in resizing diamond wedding rings each ring will be quoted individually. This is usually done at a wholesale price to minimise cost to the customer. 

Engagement Rings 

Engagement ring re-sizes will need to be quoted on a case by case basis. We usually provide this at a wholesale price, but the cost does vary based whether its on the diamond ring setting.  

Please note: We do not offer any refunds for change of mind on our custom rings so please choose carefully.


Ring Quality Guarantee

We take our product quality seriously and will take all reasonable steps to guarantee your purchase satisfaction. All our rings come with a 365 day quality guarantee and if your ring is faulty (excluding normal wear an tear) in any way we will happily replace it with a new ring.

All our rings are also backed by a manufacturer's warranty that covers any defects and faults, giving you the peace of mind that your new purchase deserves. If the product is faulty we will meet our obligations under Australian Consumer Law.

Have a question?

Simply contact us with any questions and we will be more than happy to provide you with a prompt, personalised and friendly service to ensure that you get the perfect ring you are after.